• "I have never heard of a country that developed on aid… I know about countries that developed on trade and innovation and business.I don’t know of any country that got so much aid that it suddenly became a first world country. I’ve never heard of such a country. So the track is wrong, that track ends to nowhere, it leads to nowhere." ----Herman Chinery-Hesse
  • "Entrepreneur is like a person who sees an additional color. Everybody sees chaos. An entrepreneur sees patterns. Wealth would be created when you create opportunities to acquire and build assets." ---Andreas Widmer
  •   “There is bad aid and there is good aid. The bad aid is that one which creates dependencies, as we’ve known for a long time now. But good aid is that which is targeted to create capacities in people so that they are able to live on their own activities.… In the long-term they have to depend on themselves rather than depend on aid.” --Paul Kagame

Our Vision

To create a society with equal opportunities through godly entrepreneurs in North and Central India by using holistic approaches.

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